Building+Renewing+Believing Campaign - Phase II Priorities

As we begin Phase II of our capital campaign, these are the areas that have identified as places for improvement in addition to the costs that would be associated in “renewing” these facilities. If you have any questions, we invite you to contact Executive Director Dallas Shealy at (803) 532-3183 or by e-mail. We thank you in advance for your support of this ministry of hospitality!

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    Camp Kinard

    Extra showers installed in Cottages 2, 4 & 6 $30,000*
    Install on-demand water heaters $12,000*
    Replace HVAC/ducts $37,500*
    New mattresses in Cottages 3, 4 & 6 $8,800*
    Install new blinds (per cottage) $740
    Replace flooring (per cottage) $5,400
    Lodge Rooms:  
    Update bathrooms (1-7)            $17,500*
    Update bathrooms (8-10) $7,500*
    Plantation blinds (per room) $833
    New furnishings $14,400
    Replace flooring $24,000
    Dining Hall:  
    New flooring $14,000
    Renovate upstairs restrooms       
    (to make them handicap accessible)
    Wifi in Dining Hall $5,000
Coastal Retreat

New roof & soffits               $100,000*
New flooring in rooms:           
  Guest rooms $27,959
  Corridors $4,589
  Hollinger Center for Lifelong Learning $4,287
  Upstairs Lounge $1,538
  Downstairs Lounge $2,577
  Dining Room; $8,547
  Kitchen $3,411
  Office $1,042
  Stairwells and landing $3,140
Adopt-A-Room Program           $2,500 
14 of 20 rooms already adopted!  

   * = Project completed & fully funded!

Additional Projects

Kohn Lounge - $18,000 - We would love to be able to add a sink to this room, purchase a new refrigerator, replace carpet and cushion covers, and put plantation shutters in the windows to make this intimate space even more guest friendly!

Caughman Center - $10,000 - This facility gets LOTS of use, and a sound system would be of great use to our guests to include automatic screens and a built in projector. New flooring and painting the walls would make this great space even nicer!